Tuesday, June 30, 2020

"As uncertain as a child's bottom"

This classy quote from James Joyce's Ulysses summed up the weather this last Sunday. But the skies had cleared by 4 pm and there was even the occasional glim of sunshine. All trail markings had however been washed away, and at Dayboro our live hare set off on a bike armed with chalk and flour. The trail he set included a checkback that had some of the walkers grinding their teeth and a loop that had the unfit runners begging for mercy:

A couple of runners contemplate the route:

Back in the heart of the Dayboro CBD, in full view of the security cameras (it's true: Dayboro bristles with them!)

Meanwhile the other half of Samford Hash enjoyed a good walk/run around the Alderley bike paths, and huddled together afterwards (but not too close!) at Grinstead Park:

We have just one more week of hashing in twenties! (...provided we keep those infectious Victorians south of the border...)

Next run details
When: Sunday 5th July, 4 pm
Where: Your choice of two venues (a maximum of 20 hashers at each) -
1. Frank Nichols Reserve, Sanderling St, Cashmere
2. Arlington Park, Bunya Road, Arana Hills
Please sign up online or email us with your preference.
Hares: At Cashmere - Payback and Cashconverta; at Arana Hills - Jamesbondage and Redbreast

On, on!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The shortest day

The winter solstice began for Mile High and Hugandkiss with a pre-dawn walk along the beach at Kingscliff:

Others of us gathered at the early end of the afternoon at St Lucia and at Bunya. 

Before the darkness came crashing down again, the walkers at St Lucia explored the riverbank and campus - some of them apparently finding themselves in unexpected places as they made their way to and from the Great Court. The runners added a chilly and mirky circuit through the Dutton Park cemetery: a highly appropriate route for the shortest day of the year. Back at Guyatt Park most of the group of twenty scrambled into jackets and tracky dacks before enjoying a midwinter feast beside the river. Shaggy apparently doesn't feel the cold!

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Where's the Beef? and In Your Dreams sported some stylish masks as they traveled to their midsummer Hash meet on public transport. They write: "In honor of the hydrangeas in bloom we took out the appropriate Samford hash shirts."

Those at the midweek run last Wednesday celebrated Eweshggr's birthday with an Indian Pepper curry:

We're counting down: we have two more weeks of hashing in twenties - and then (woo-hoo!) we'll gather as a whole group for a Christmas in July run on July 12th. Mark your diaries - and remember that this event starts at 3 pm to allow plenty of time for games and feasting!

Next run details
When: Sunday 28th June, 4 pm
Where: Your choice of two venues - with a limit of 20 hashers at each:
1. Dayboro, opposite the IGA (Trails set by Banger and Make an Offer)
2. Grinstead Park, Shand St, Enoggera (Trails set by Le W*nk and Lax)
Please sign up online or email us with your preferences.
Hares: As above. BYO drinks and eats.

On, on!